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"Working with Marwan is really fun.  He is so passionate about tennis that you can't help but love playing too.  He is patient, upbeat and very encouraging.  He is also a good observer and his corrections are easy to follow and lead to quick improvements.  My husband and I look forward to each session.  Marwan has quickly adapted as our playing has improved and continues to challenge us with the skills we need to take our playing to another level.  Thanks, Marwan!"


"Marwan is such a professional when it comes to tennis.  He noticed my swing errors within seconds.  My game improved dramatically in no time.  I would recommend him to anybody who is serious about tennis of all levels."


"I am a 38 year old 3.5 player and was recently stuck in a place where my game wasn't going anywhere; no progression in sight and my confidence was slipping.  So I felt it was time to get some experienced help by someone who loves the game as much as I do.  When Marwan came into the picture he helped me see things from the perspective of an experienced player/teacher.  Not only does he offer you skilled feedback, but he also encourages a self-analysis from his students. This approach has allowed me to get more involved with my own progress.  He has invested in my desire to improve my game and enhance my physical capabilities.  Marwan takes a genuine interest in your growth on the court.  In result, my game has gone to another level within a short time span!  I am closer to my goal (moving to a 4.0 level) than I ever was.  However, what is most important about my time working with Marwan is that I now have a new found energy & passion back in my game."


"Marwan is high energy, knowledgeable, and his natural friendliness is very supportive for a beginner. He's keenly observant of your form and clearly critiques, helping you to advance your game quickly. I'm looking forward to my next lesson!"


"Marwan has been a great tennis teacher for my 12 year old son, Henry.  Marwan gives my son feedback on each shot, so he can make corrections immediately and build good habits.  As a result, Henry's strokes have improved a lot in just a few months.  Marwan also helps my son understand the "big picture" and I noticed that he is explaining some strategy of the game so that Henry can develop an instinct for court position.  Marwan is always very upbeat and positive in his feedback and my son's enthusiasm for playing tennis increased greatly right from his very first lesson with Marwan.  We feel very fortunate that we found such a great tennis instructor and I look forward to watching Henry's tennis game progress in the lessons ahead."


"I played tennis for 4 years now.  Never figured out what to do.  When Marwan took me under his wing, I got fitter, faster and more consistent within weeks.  He is like a ball machine with a personality, not to mention patient."

For Private Lessons or Stringing Service you can contact me anytime at acenface1@hotmail.com

In the San Francisco Bay Area, please call 415-203-8569